How to Get Cheap Hosting for your Website

Need cheap hosting?

I’m in the process of moving a website to a new host. I wanted cheap hosting. My initial thought was to go with Bluehost, which has served me well in the past. I was all ready to check out at $2.95/ month for 36 months. However, as I went to finalize the purchase, I noticed the price jumped up to $5.95/ month. Gross.

So I had to do some research. A couple of Google searches landed me on this great site. It lists reviews of all the cheapest hosting options, as well as their price.

The cheapest host was with eHost, which was advertised as $2.75/ month. As I was on the buy page, eHost was offering me a 50% discount. Nice!

I started wondering about what other deals might be out there. I decided to leave the page, and as I was scrolling to close the browser, eHost offered me a new deal! 60% off now!

During this time, I wrongly entered in my PayPal password, and consequently, was temporarily locked out of my account.

I began working on other things, while I waited regain access to login to PayPal.

About an hour later, I came back to the eHost pay screen. The motion of my mouse went upwards towards the exit browser button again. This time was by sheer luck.

Another discount triggered, and this time eHost was offering me 70% off!

What I thought would be $2.75/ month for 36 months was now $1.65/ month. Nearly a $40 discount for attempting to close the pay screen. Not bad.

It’s a rather good marketing strategy for eHost too. They triggered their discounts to appear as I was getting ready to leave.

Initially, I was on the hunt for other sites who might have offered similar discounts. eHost knew this, and did everything in their power to keep me there and sign up with them.

The end result was I got cheap hosting, and they got a new customer. We both won.

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