How to Add Google Analytics to your WordPress or GoDaddy Site

Why should I add Google Analytics to my website?

If you exist on the internet, but haven’t set up your Google Analytics site, you’re doing it wrong. Google Analytics is the best marketing tool to have set up on your website. Learning how to add Google Analytics is an easy process and well worth your time.

If you are worrying about marketing but aren’t looking at the data, how can you know what’s working and what’s not? You can’t. You’ll just be blindfolded, throwing darts at a target praying that one sticks.

Instead of shooting at targets in the dark, install Google Analytics and you’ll see clearly now your audience. I can assure you it will be a bright (bright) sunshiny day.

I’ve made two videos demonstrating how you can add Google Analytics on your WordPress or GoDaddy website. The main difference between the two website building softwares is level of customization.

WordPress is more difficult for beginners, but is highly customizable and allows you to download various third-party plugins. This makes adding Google Analytics very easy.

GoDaddy is easier for beginners, yet doesn’t allow for much customization. There are no plugins. While this makes many tasks easier, adding Google Analytics to GoDaddy is a bit trickier.

How to add Google Analytics to WordPress

How to add Google Analytics to GoDaddy

It’s as easy as that! The important part is actually using Google Analytics to provide data so you can make better informed marketing decisions.

Side point: I just uploaded these videos to YouTube, and my video on adding Google Analytics to GoDaddy is already coming in at 2nd in the Google search for videos.

2nd?! Don’t believe me? Just type in “How to add Google Analytics to GoDaddy” on Google, then select videos and see what you get.

It’s outperforming my WordPress video because WordPress is more widely used, and therefore there are more videos on adding Google Analytics to WordPress.

I’ll give away my secrets for scoring #2 on Google immediately after loading my video tomorrow, so make sure you come back!

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